What can I do if I have problems watching the training video?

For maximum browser, desktop, and mobile compatibility our training video is hosted with a pro account at vimeo.com. If the video is stuttering then it may be that your Internet connection is too slow (which is very rare if you have a broadband, DSL, or cable connection). However, if you normally do not have any issues with watching video on the web (e.g., on YouTube), it may be a temporary Internet connection problem and we suggest trying again later.

If you are attempting to view the video from within your organization, then it might be that your organization has blocked web video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo for productivity reasons. If this is the case you can contact your organization’s IT department for assistance or watch the video from home or on your mobile device.

But since we know that contacting IT departments isn’t always the most fun part of our day at work we’ve provided an alternate video that’s hosted on a video host that is rarely blocked. To get to this alternate video, simply click on the alternate video link underneath the main video. In the rare case that both videos do not work, then it’s time to contact your IT department or try it from home of your mobile device.