Do you sell seals/stamps, journals, or other supplies?

Not directly, but it’s because of a good reason that benefits you.

We’ve found that most training providers in general (not specifically notary training providers) are either supply sellers first and trainers second or trainers first and supply sellers second.

That means that they’re usually not really good at both. Let us explain. Suppose you sell supplies. One day you might realize that you can also sell training to your customers, but you’re not really a trainer; you’re a supplier. Since your specialty isn’t training you might not make a great course.

Now suppose you’re a trainer. You probably made a great training course, but one day you realize that you can make more money by selling supplies to your training customers. Since your specialty is not retail, you’re probably not going to be able to offer the best prices.

We don’t know which other notary training vendors that sell supplies are trainers first or which are suppliers first, but we do know that you can usually find supplies at much less expensive prices by purchasing them directly from suppliers that specialize in notary supplies.

We’re a training company that specializes in training so we don’t sell retail products. A seal shouldn’t cost you more than about $10-$20 and a register shouldn’t cost more than about $15-$20. Those are the prices you’ll see if you go to someone that specializes in supplies.

Training providers typically can’t match these prices. That’s why we have partnered with a supply company. Please visit the Notary Supplies section of our website for more information.